Tiffany Lawrence reflects on giving back and what’s ahead

Sanford Fargo’s new president and CEO, Tiffany Lawrence, brings decades of experience leading and giving back at Sanford. Here, she reflects on what giving means to her, and how it will shape the organization’s future.


This spring, Tiffany Lawrence took the helm at Sanford Fargo, becoming the first woman to hold the role of president and CEO.

For more than two decades now, she has not only shaped the organization through her work in leadership positions, including director of business analysis and planning, and chief financial officer of Sanford Medical Center, but also through her generosity.

Tiffany made her first gift through the Sanford Health Foundation in 1998 and has given ever since, along with her husband, Richard, to advance Sanford’s mission in the Fargo region. From both professional and personal experience, she has a deep appreciation for the power of philanthropy.

We recently asked her to reflect on what giving means to her, and how it will impact the future at Sanford.

Tiffany Lawrence

What excites you most about Sanford Fargo’s future?

I am excited for the future and what Sanford Health continues to bring to the region in specialty care and keeping patients closer to home for their care. The bone marrow transplant (BMT) program, as an example, is a tremendous service to our region and to the state of North Dakota.

We’re able to dream big and celebrate advancements like BMT because we have an incredibly generous community of donors standing with us.

Donor endowments, which are a tremendous opportunity for donors to support programs well into the future, and philanthropic gifts of all types are the key to meeting needs of today while still innovating and growing for the future.


What would you like to say to Sanford Health Foundation donors who support Sanford Fargo?

I am so grateful for the generous donors of the Sanford Health Foundation. The additional services we can provide our patients are truly because of the generous support we receive from our donors.

Examples include programs and people like Child Life Specialists, who provide comfort for children and their families as they receive care in the clinic or hospital, as well as research, specialized equipment and much more.


You’ve been a longtime supporter of the Foundation. Why is giving back important to you personally?

Giving back and supporting Sanford through the Foundation has been really important to my family.

Personal experiences have such a long-lasting impact on your life and how we wanted to give back. Our oldest son spent four weeks in the NICU and we experienced firsthand the unbelievable care of the physicians, nurses and the entire team.  We have supported a fund for Sanford Children’s from that experience to help to continue to be able to provide exceptional service to all families.


Tiffany became the interim president and CEO of Sanford Fargo in March 2022, then assumed the role permanently one month later. She is married with three sons, including twins, and grew up in Kindred, North Dakota.



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