Dr. Barry Lankhorst's family gathered to celebrate his life, one year after his passing.

Why we give: Honoring a father’s memory

November 17, 2020

Dr. Barry Lankhorst dedicated his life to caring for patients at Sanford Health. As a nephrologist for more than 30 years, Barry played an instrumental role in building the kidney dialysis and transplant programs in Sioux Falls.

Barry, known as Bear to those closest to him, passed away last October. His legacy lives on not only through his life’s work but also through his family’s philanthropic support of his passion.

Dr. Barry “Bear” Lankhorst

“My sister and I wanted to honor our father’s memory by recognizing his life’s work and the difference he made in the lives of others,” said Barry’s daughter Dr. Christina Lankhorst. Following in her father’s footsteps, Christina is also a nephrologist at Sanford, and her siblings, Dr. Abby Lankhorst and Dr. Michael Lankhorst are both physicians.

“My dad spent so much time in the acute dialysis unit and poured his heart out caring for patients every day. We wanted to help continue that work.”

The sisters made an endowment gift to support caregiver education, equipment and expansion of care offered to kidney disease patients at Sanford for generations to come. As part of their generous donation, they also sponsored a room in the acute dialysis unit.

“This gift will allow for staff and providers to grow in their knowledge in the treatment of kidney disease,” said Amanda Saeger, nephrology clinic director. “It will also allow for the purchase of equipment and help advance the care of patients facing kidney disease including dialysis care and transplant. With this support, we can continue to expand and improve the care we provide each day.”


Power of endowment

Gifts of $10,000 or more can be endowed to provide a permanent and dependable source of funds to support any area of care at Sanford that means the most to you.

How it works:

  1. You invest in the area of health care you are most passionate about. Gifts can be paid over a timeframe of up to five years.
  2. Our team manages your investment to maximize its potential. Your original gift is never spent; only income on your investment can be used.
  3. Your legacy lives on forever, allowing Sanford to plan, grow, innovate and rise to emerging challenges while always honoring your intentions.

For more information about creating a personal endowment and other giving opportunities, please contact a member of our team.