Why I give: Dr. Ashley Lundin

April 3, 2019

Dr. Ashley Lundin wants to make her community a better place in which to live, work and receive health care.

As an ophthalmologist at Sanford Health Bemidji, Dr. Lundin lives that mission every day and helps patients heal from troublesome eye problems.

She also makes a positive impact in her community as a Sanford Health Foundation donor and supports important projects like the building of a new regional cancer center, the Sanford Joe Lueken Cancer Center.

Dr. Lundin recently shared why she gives to the Foundation in her own words:


What inspired you to give back through the Sanford Health Foundation?

We are all so fortunate to live in a caring and close-knit community where we help take care of one another. I believe it’s important to contribute in whatever way we can, whether it be time, skills or monetary donations.


Has there been a moment when you were especially proud of the difference you make as a Foundation donor?

The opening of the Sanford Joe Lueken Cancer Center was a huge moment for our community! As a donor, I felt like I helped in making this dream a reality.


What kind of message do you think it sends to our patients and our community to know that hundreds of employees, like you, also give so generously to support the work that happens at Sanford?

When we as employees donate to the Foundation, it shows that we support and believe in the work we’re doing each and every day here at Sanford Health to enrich the lives of all those living within our communities.


What would you tell new Sanford Health employees to encourage them to join you and give back as a donor?

Every person in our community benefits from the services we provide at Sanford Health. As an employee, you are making a positive difference with the hard work that you do each day! Please consider giving back so that we can continue to grow and make our community a better place to live and work.


Are you a Sanford Health employee?

Join the movement!

Visit sanfordhealthfoundation.org/giveback to learn more and arrange a gift through payroll deduction. You can support any initiative you’re most passionate about.