Why I give: Danielle Versteeg

March 20, 2018

As an oncology nurse at the Sanford USD Medical Center, Danielle Versteeg makes an impact every day on her patients and their families.

While her shifts are filled with typical things like analyzing charts, checking vital signs and giving meds, Danielle also serves as a friend and confidant to her patients.

“When family is not around, I try to get them through the difficult days,” she said.

Danielle was first inspired to give back through the Sanford Health Foundation’s Cure Kids Cancer fund after volunteering at Sanford Children’s Hospital during a radiothon.

“I’d be sitting with the kids, helping them with crafts and games, and I’d hear the stories in the background and how heartbreaking they were. But by giving, I was helping them overcome their struggles,” Versteeg said. “And hearing about how I was able to help them just melts my heart.”

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