Planned gifts support your passion

June 27, 2018

Crystal Gilson never thought a pair of boots could change someone’s life.

She remembers hearing a story about a local patient at Sanford Health who missed doctor appointments in the winter. The person used public transit and didn’t own a pair of shoes sturdy enough to trek through snow and mud.

“I don’t know the details,” Gilson recalled, “but someone at Sanford Health made sure this patient received some boots.”

It was then that Gilson realized Sanford’s commitment and dedication to its patients, and she too wanted to make a positive impact around her.

Although she is years from retirement, Gilson chose to make a planned gift through her estate plan. She established an IRA retirement account designated to a Sanford Health Foundation endowment.

“Planned gifts ensure that your passions can be realized during your life and after you’re gone,” Gilson said. “You gain a sense of perspective and focus and, possibly, a sense of legacy.”

To learn more about creating your own legacy, like Gilson has done, please contact the Foundation at (701) 234-6246.