Local ‘miracle child’ survives tractor accident

In February 2021, 4-year-old Nora was playing on her family’s farm near Luverne, Minnesota, when she was struck by a tractor. Nora’s body was pulled beneath its massive wheel, causing three skull fractures, bleeding inside the skull as well as fluid build-up around the brain, swelling of the brain and injuries to her lungs, chest, liver and spleen.


“It’s a feeling you can’t explain,” said Nora’s dad, Jed. “You never want to go through it in your life.”


Nora was flown to Sanford Children’s Hospital, where a team of specialists was waiting and ready. Thanks to exceptional care and the generosity of people like you, Nora beat all odds. Just four weeks after the accident, she was recovering back home on the farm.


When you give for Sanford Children’s, the region’s only Children’s Miracle Network Hospital, 100% of every gift helps fund:

  • Lifesaving equipment like pediatric CT scanners and ultrasound machines
  • Services like Child Life, spiritual care services and school tutoring
  • Financial assistance to help families with meals, mileage, lodging and other costs not covered by insurance
  • Playrooms filled with toys, games, books and cozy furniture, and so much more


“She’s our miracle child,” Jed said. “We didn’t know what to expect or where we’d be at a year from then. She made great strides and progress. We were very blessed. God was looking after us and we’re just very fortunate to have her here yet today.”

Every day, a local child’s life is changed forever by an unexpected diagnosis or injury like Nora’s. Your support for Sanford Children’s can make more miracles happen.


Watch the video of Nora’s story.


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