Healing in a hurry

November 6, 2017

Pam Sedler isn’t the type to sit around her Mayville home. At 66 years old, she’s far from being ready to slow down, and the last thing she wants standing in her way is chronic back pain.

“I like to go 100 miles an hour, and that’s just the way I am,” Sedler said. “I want to keep active, and I don’t want an injury to slow me down or stop me from doing the things I really want to do.”

Sedler is a go-getter. She plays guitar and piano and sings old country and gospel songs at a local nursing home. She even taught herself how to ride a motorcycle and fell in love with the feeling of wind on her face.

She has four grandkids she likes to chase around, and with her husband, bought a camper this summer to explore more of North Dakota. Sedler will be part of a volunteer welcoming crew for Super Bowl 52 next year in the Twin Cities, a job that will require extended time standing on her feet.

“Now that I’m retired, I have time to do all the things I want to do,” Sedler said. “I have a lot of plans.”

But recently, all that activity began to take a toll. Sedler suffered from severe back pain to the point where she could hardly walk, leading her to physical therapist Tami Parker at Sanford Mayville Medical Center.

“Oh my goodness, I’ve noticed a big difference,” Sedler said. “Tami was so good and very encouraging to me. She was as enthusiastic about me getting better as I was.” Sedler started by going to physical therapy three times a week and now only goes as needed. During their sessions, Parker tailored stretches and exercises to Sedler’s needs.

“Tami taught me not to get discouraged, that anything I do is better than nothing at all and not to push myself to the point of pain,” Sedler said. “That was a big, big help in my healing.”

Parker also treated a painful 40-year-old scar on Sedler’s abdomen using a leading-edge technique called ASTYM therapy.

With ASTYM, a non-invasive treatment, Parker used a cone-shaped instrument on the tissue around the scar to help regenerate healthy soft tissue.

After a series of treatments, Sedler said she noticed the scar loosen to the point where she can stand up straighter.

“That made a big difference,” Sedler said. “Tami did a super job with that treatment.”

Through physical therapy, Sedler wants to get back to being active, walking or working for a few days without stiffness and pain.

“I would love to be where I have no discomfort,” Sedler said. “With Tami’s help, I’m getting there.”

Sedler and her husband moved to Mayville 14 years ago from nearby Hatton, N.D. Both receive care at Sanford Mayville and can walk from their house to any appointments.

“Our facility here is fabulous,” Sedler said. “We have everything we need right here in Mayville. I wouldn’t go anywhere else. We have terrific doctors and an outstanding staff.”

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