On Feb. 25, 2020, more than 20 Sanford employees were recognized as Guardian Angels by grateful patients, families and colleagues.

Guardian Angels among us: Donors celebrate Sanford caregivers

February 27, 2020

During an evening of celebration on Feb. 25, more than 20 Sanford employees were recognized as Guardian Angels by the patients, families and colleagues who had recently made gifts of gratitude in their honor.

“Tonight, we honor the Sanford employees who took their dedication to health, healing and comfort to heart,” said Michaela Goldammer, Sanford Health Foundation associate development officer, as she welcomed attendees to the ceremony at the Sanford House.

Donors took turns honoring the nurses, doctors and others who had touched their lives, sharing stories and words of thanks, before each Guardian Angel received an honorary pin.

“It was a very long and slow recovery, lots of procedures and scary long surgeries. Today, he is bowling three to five days and golfed this summer 18 holes every day. Thanks so much!”

—   Kathy Clinton, speaking about her dad. She celebrated the Sanford vascular surgeons, Drs. Gregory Nissen, Angelo Santos, Matthew Sorrell and Wade Paulson, who saved his life.

“Jessica was a comforting and supportive presence during those first days as a new mom. I couldn’t have asked for a better nurse. With Jessica’s help, we went home from the hospital with confidence we could care for our new baby girl.”

—   Kay Todd, who recognized Sanford obstetrics nurse Jessica Maeschen, along with others from Women’s Health who supported her throughout her pregnancy to the birth of her baby.


Who is your Guardian Angel?

Is there a doctor, nurse or other employee at Sanford Health who went above and beyond for you or a loved one?

Visit sanfordhealthfoundation/guardianangel to make a gift in his or her honor and share a few words of thanks. Your Guardian Angel will be celebrated at the next recognition ceremony.

When you make a gift, you can choose the area you’re passionate about — such as Sanford Children’s Miracle Network, Edith Sanford Breast Initiative, Sanford Employee Crisis Fund or greatest needs — and every dollar will enhance services for future patients.

Celebrate your Guardian Angel today!


Thank you to these Guardian Angels and donors:

Heather Barrie

Honored by anonymous

Dr. Jeffrey Boyle

Honored by Dr. William Spanos

Teresa Buell

Honored by Dr. William Spanos

Lee Christenson

Honored by Mariah Vanderwal

Kathleen Christopherson

Honored by Anonymous

Anna Czmowski

Honored by Ashley Hondel

Amanda Dieren

Honored by Sonja Vermillion

Ashley Hondel

Honored by Julissa Reya

Cynthia Johnson

Honored by April Steen

Jessica Maeschen

Honored by Kay Todd

Dr. Michael McNamara

Honored by Reshmi Kumari

Hannah Sammons

Honored by Kay Todd

Karen Nelich

Honored by Anonymous


Honored by Reshmi Kumari

Gregory Nissen

Honored by Kathy Clinton

Donna Olsen

Honored by Becca Stobeer

Martha Pap

Honored by Kay Todd

Wade Paulson

Honored by Kathy Clinton

Julissa Reyna

Honored by Anna Czmowski

Dr. Angelo Santos

Honored by Kathy Clinton

Dr. Matthew Sorrell

Honored by Kathy Clinton

Donna Uhrich

Honored by Lois Mashek

Erin Vande Lune

Honored by Kay Todd

Dr. William Waltz

Honored by Dan and Tessa Mouw