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As a Sanford Family, we lift each other up in times of need. The Employee Crisis Assistance Program supports Sanford and Good Samaritan Society employees facing personal financial hardship due to extraordinary and unexpected circumstances. 100% of your gift will provide financial assistance to colleagues who, at no fault of their own, are struggling to meet basic needs, like food and shelter. See how your gifts have made a difference.





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Three Ways to Give

Give for your fellow coworkers, and you’ll create good for those you work beside every day.


Your generosity of giving through a payroll donation helps play a part in more than 2,100 employees who have received assistance so far.

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PTO Donation

Hours will be converted into dollars to support Sanford and Good Samaritan Society family members facing personal financial hardship.

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Credit Card

Your generosity of giving helps play a part in more than 2,100 employees who have received assistance so far.


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What Employees are Saying

We’re so grateful for our talented staff and all they do to support each other and the communities they serve. Here are a few of the things they’re saying about Employee Crisis:

I love the people here, and I feel like we’re a family. I felt a calling to support our family. It means everything to be a part of this.
Emily Buckingham-Carlson
Sanford Health Employee
I will never forget the compassion from you and the team. I feel so blessed to call Sanford and Good Samaritan, Luther Manor my home away from home. I know the team does care about their employees. I see that every day. You are not alone when you work for Sanford.
Melisa Boivin
I’m really humbled and grateful to have received support when I needed it, and I just want to pay that forward now that I’m back on my feet.
Leigh Merritt
Donor and Sanford Health Plan employee

Apply for Employee Assistance

Need a helping hand? Any Sanford Health or Good Samaritan Society employee can apply for assistance through the Employee Crisis Assistance Program.

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Employee Crisis
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Stories of Impact

The most powerful way to see a gift in action is through our patients. See how donor gifts are saving and changing lives. Each gift through the Sanford Health Foundation means a story for good.