Pictured left, one of the new beds at Sanford Hillsboro Care Center. Pictured right, golfers Isaac Luithle, Chuck Breen, Zach Hinkle and Tim Luithle.

Fore! Golfers tee up for local residents

August 23, 2019

Earlier this summer, golfers filled the Hillsboro Golf Course for the annual Sanford Hillsboro Charity Golf Tournament and Raffle.

Despite rain in the morning and heat in the afternoon, 35 teams golfed and enjoyed fun games on the course.

“The golfers showed an unfailing spirit throughout the day,” said Emily Mehr, development specialist. “We can’t thank them enough for their passion for others.”


From left is Ryan Nielsen, Mike Opdahl, Mike Crocker and Tim Lee.

Congratulations to the raffle winners: Rob Jacobson claimed the $2,500, Miles Evenson won $1,000 and Kevin Ackerman took home $500.

This year, the tournament and raffle raised funds to improve the lives of residents at the Sanford Hillsboro Care Center. Together, the golfers donated an astounding $32,323 to provide bed upgrades at the care center, helping residents get the rest they deserve.

Lou Behm

Tournament impact

Lou Behm is one resident at the Sanford Hillsboro Care Center who is especially grateful to have an updated bed. Behm said he had been bedridden for almost a year prior to the upgrade.

The new bed is wider and more comfortable than his previous beds, and he can adjust it on his own with a remote, raising and lowering his feet and head as needed.

Most importantly, Behm sleeps longer each night and is no longer awoken with back pain or numbness in his legs.

Today, although he is still bedridden, Behm said he rests comfortably day and night.

“This is the best bed I’ve had so far,” he said.


Make a difference

If you weren’t able to participate in the golf tournament, but would like to help the team at Sanford Health Hillsboro go above and beyond for its residents, please consider donating today.

You can still give a gift online and make an impact.

To learn more about opportunities in Hillsboro, contact Emily Mehr at (701) 234-6935 or email emily.mehr@sanfordhealth.org.