Devine family makes gift to Sanford POWER

July 24, 2017

James and Janell Devine, owners of J2 Studio Architecture + Design, P.C., know firsthand the importance of youth development and programs like Sanford POWER.

Teamwork, leadership and discipline. Those are just a few skills James and Janell Devine, owners of J2 Studio Architecture + Design, P.C, have seen their sons learn from playing sports.

Zac, 15, and Nic, 13, train year-round, utilizing Sanford POWER facilities in the winter to stay on top of their game. Zac’s chosen sport is soccer while Nic’s passion is baseball.

POWER works with people of all ages and all ability levels, but the team’s main focus is youth development. The work they do goes beyond helping kids become better athletes. POWER programs give kids an outlet for healthy activity and instill a high level of discipline that they will carry with them throughout their lives.

Seeing the impact of sports on their own children inspired James and Janell to create the J2 Studio Architecture + Design, P.C. Endowment for Sanford POWER to support ongoing operations and areas of greatest need.

The family also supports Sanford Children’s with the James and Janell Devine Family Endowment for Children. To date, they have committed to giving $50,000 to these Sanford Bismarck programs.

For James and Janell, it’s not just about seeing their sons improve at their sports year after year, but seeing how they grow from being part of a team.

“We try to remind them it’s not just how well you do, but how you act,” Janell said. “They learn how to deal with disappointment and how to get along with others. They have to get up early in the morning even when they don’t want to. We hope it’ll help develop them into better people.

“Not every individual is going to play in college. It’s about the whole child and everything they can gain from being part of the program.”

This fall, POWER will move to a larger facility, the former Home Depot, allowing for the expansion of existing training programs. This new space is nearly three times larger than the current POWER location, and it will allow the program to continue expanding its services and positively influencing the lives of a greater number of kids.

The current facility, where Zac trained for soccer during the winter, was too small for a full game. A bigger facility will help give kids more room to play during the winter months.

“Having a larger facility for them is going to be great,” Janell said. “I just see it as an active place where there are kids everywhere socializing and playing their favorite sports.”

Janell and James hope their gift will help expand the POWER program in Bismarck, so more kids can receive the same benefits their sons have.

“We’d like to give an opportunity to kids who maybe normally wouldn’t have access,” James said.

“We know how much good it will do,” Janelle added.

Join the Devines today in support of POWER and other youth development programs in our region.