Monica Webster

Counting on Cancer Survivorship Program

January 22, 2018

Monica Webster, who spent many years as a hospice nurse, was diagnosed with stage IV breast cancer in November 2015. Learning to navigate a life with cancer was a challenge.

“After I completed therapies for my initial stage III diagnosis, I really struggled,” Webster said. “It was difficult not knowing what it means to live with cancer. I just had this need to know what was coming.”

Many breast cancer patients seek support from family and friends, but sometimes the most meaningful support comes from those who are going through the same experience. That’s when Webster turned to FOURward, a support group specifically for stage 4 cancer survivors, offered within the Cancer Survivorship Program.

“It’s been such a great relief just knowing there are people thinking the same things,” Webster said. “It’s helpful to just acknowledge I am scared – and that’s pretty normal.”

But the Cancer Survivorship Program is so much more than a support group. Survivors have a number of opportunities, including cancer retreats, retail resources, personalized symptom management, informative newsletters, cancer rehab program and more.