Celebrating Our Guardian Angels

The story of Sanford Health is written by our doctors, nurses and staff members who touch the lives of patients and families every day through exceptional care and kindness.


The Guardian Angel Program is a special way grateful patients and families can recognize exceptional caregivers who’ve made a difference. 100% of their gifts of gratitude go toward helping future patients and families in their communities.


Join us in celebrating our 2023 Guardian Angel honorees. These extraordinary caregivers each received special recognition and a Guardian Angel pin they can wear to share the power of kindness:

Dr. Mustafa Abdulhusein

Dr. Yassar Almanaseer

Dr. Daniel Almquist

Samantha Anderson

Ronald Anderson

Dr. Breanne Anderson-Mueller

Elizabeth Bauer

Dr. Mark Beard

Julia Beaton

Velda Beck

Dr. Timothy Beiswenger

Dr. Lea Berentson

Samantha Bertrand

Dr. Sherry Billups

Dr. Miran Blanchard

Dr. Jonathan Bleeker

Christine Brandt

Joseph Bruenjes

Dr. William Brunner

Dr. Lorna Campbell

Whitney Champa

Dr. Kenny Chantasi

Julie Christianson

Kyra Decker

Dr. Karel deLeeuw

Dr. Khalin Dendy

Dr. Nayan Desai

Chelsea Dewaard

Dr. William Dicks

Joseph Dirks

Dr. Jesse Dirksen

Dr. Alexander Drofa

Dr. Jason Duchscherer

Danita Edland

Dr. Jarrett Failing

Fargo Sanford Home Hospice

Janet Flax

Whitney Fogelson

Dr. Wallace Fritz

Maggie Giese

Doreen Gigstad-Stave

Fae Glass

Molly Glover

Chelsea Gomer

Angela Gordon

Jaclyn Gossen

Lacinda Gravenhof

Dr. Thandiwe Gray

Dr. Kristin Gray

Dr. John Grehan

Dr. Gerald Gross

Tracy Haack

Lindsey Hahler

Sara Hansen

Sarah Hanson

Donna Harris-McQuade

Dr. Alisha Hemraj

Dr. Kristin Hermanson

Dr. Samy Heshmat

Dr. Amy Hiuser

Dr. Patrick Horrigan

Angela Irwin

Jennifer Iverso

Chardelle Jenkins

Dr. Ashley Jensen

Dr. Brian Johnson

Corwin Jones

Skylar Just

Olivia Karzon

Taylor Keimig

Dr. Patrick Kelly

Dr. Jeffrey Kepes

Lori King

Dr. Jennifer Klein

Dr. Richelle Knudson

Dr. Jason Knudtson

Heather Knutson

Tiffanie Kolander

Deb Koski

Meghan Kotchian

Jennifer Kringlie

Karlee Kristensen

Kelli Kuper

Ashley Laackmann

Jennifer Lamp

Joanne Landis

Dr. Eric Larson

Hannah Lentz

Dr. Ciciley Littlewolf

Marsha Loeschen

Dr. Maritza Lopez

Jodylee Lyons

Dr. Rohit Mahajan

Shelly Mahowald

Dr. Seth Maliske

Dr. Michael Manchak

Lindsey Martinson

Leattea McCarthy

Dr. Michael McNamara

Dr. Sara Mees

Jenelle Mehlhaff

Dr. Heather Merrill

Dr. Matthew Miller

Dr. Megan Miller-Pankratz

Angela Milner

Britney Moeller

Lauren Morgan

Alisha Neises

Dr. Roxanne Newman

Dr. Laura Nichols

Melanie Noonan

Karen Norman

Dr. Sommer Nurkic

McKinzie Nuss

Dr. Gulsah Olgun

Dr. Robert Olson

Isabelle Olson

Dr. Gregory Orson

Dr. Viktorija Overiene

Dr. Timothy Pansegrau

Christel Parvey

Karen Pausch

Lauren Pearson

Alicia Pederson

Amy Penton

Dr. Samantha Perleberg

Dr. Scott Petrescue

Dr. Steven Pletcher

Michelle Polries

Dr. Akuffo Quarde

Dr. Radu Raducu

Dr. Roseanne Raphael

Jennifer Rasmussen

Alexa Reynolds

Dr. Abrea Roark

Skip Roepke

Roger Maris Cancer Center Staff

Sanford Hospice House, Fargo

Sanford Inpatient Rehab Unit, Fargo

Laurie Schott

Renee Schulz

Dr. Jessica Sedevie

Dr. Todd Sekundiak

Jessica Sims

Dr. Ryan Sivertson

Brian Skjerseth

Jessica Smith

Dr. Dustin Snelling

Sarah Stewart

Jacob Stone

Dr. Danial Sturgill

Dr. Tomasz Stys

Kristin Tehle

Dr. Shelby Terstriep

Scott Thompson

Dr. John Tinjum

Troy Vanoverbeke

Karmen Vanvoorst

Kayla Versluis

Dr. Shelly Wadhawan

Dr. Debra Walker

Dr. Michael White

Alycia Wiest

Dr. Jeffrey Wiisanen

Dr. Rodney Will

Dr. Brent Williams

Jed Winkel

Stacy Zimney

Scott Thompson - Bemidji



Registered Nurse | Sanford Joe Lueken Cancer Center, Bemidji


“I met Scott for the first time when he gave me my first infusion. He became my ray of sunshine with his happy and positive energy. He walks his life from his heart and integrity. He gave me hope for being able to keep growing old. Blessed be.”



— Bemidji patient



Obstetrics and gynecology | Bismarck


“Dr. Sedevie is the best-of-the-best when it comes to providing care for pregnant women. She genuinely cares, and it’s obvious that she loves what she does. It reassures me that we are in great hands, and our baby is already so well-cared for.”


— Bismarck patient

Dr. Roxanne Newman



Cardiovascular and thoracic surgery | Fargo


“Dr. Newman saved my life. Several hospitals declined to operate on me because they said it was too hard of a surgery. Dr. Newman, with the help of other physicians, agreed to do surgery. Without Dr. Newman, I would not be here today. She gave me a second chance at life and I will never be able to thank her enough.”



— Fargo patient



Dr. Newman received her 20th and 21st Guardian Angel awards in 2023.

Dr. Eric Larson



Internal medicine | Sioux Falls


“Dr. Larson and his staff always go above and beyond our health care needs we are thankful for having him as our health care provider. Thank you, Dr. Larson!”



— Sioux Falls patient

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