Blueway Gala Raises $215,000 for Pediatric Behavioral Health

The community of Bismarck recently came together in philanthropy to confront the growing and changing pediatric behavioral health care needs of central and western North Dakota.


The Blueway Gala, held on Wednesday, June 12, raised $215,000 to help address the pediatric behavioral health needs of kids across the Bismarck region through innovative workforce solutions, expanded access to care and the latest in telehealth technology.


“In the U.S. today, 1 in 5 kids have a diagnosable behavioral health condition however, only half will ever receive the treatment they need for the healthy futures they deserve. Our kids can’t wait any longer for the care they need. This is a health crisis we need to confront, together — which is why we’re so very grateful to our community for partnering with us to advance pediatric behavioral health solutions for our kids today, for future generations and for the continued strength and stability of the communities we call home,” said Todd Schaffer, MD, president of Sanford Health, Bismarck.



Leading the Way

According to local experts, the need for additional pediatric behavioral health solutions has never been greater.


“We need to take behavioral health care for our kids seriously,” said Nicole Cross-Hillman, PsyD, Sanford Health Bismarck. “Together, we can make an impact.”


100% of gifts through the Sanford Health Foundation will help address the Bismarck region’s pediatric behavioral health crisis by supporting our work in these key areas:



Enhancing Our Workforce

  • Expanding scholarship opportunities in high-demand fields including social work and counseling.
  • Advancing efforts to train and retain behavioral health care professionals in more of our rural communities.


Expanding Access to Care


Leading Innovative Care Delivery

  • Continuing to leverage telehealth technology to advance behavioral health care services. With the majority of behavioral health clinicians practicing in metropolitan areas, providing virtual behavioral health care options allows us to provide care and resources in every county of North Dakota.

Give for Good


100% of your gift through the Sanford Health Foundation will help advance pediatric behavioral health solutions for the Bismarck region, ensuring more kids can find their way to the hopeful, healthy futures they deserve.