14-year-old cancer patient shares story

October 20, 2017

Amy Klain shares her story of kicking cancer at 14 years old.

My name is Amy Klain. I’m 14 years old, and I’m writing to you today to share some awesome news: There are no cancer cells in my body!

About two years ago, I started getting really sick. I had a big bruise — another battle scar from the basketball court, I thought, but it never went away. My parents didn’t know what was wrong. Turns out, I had acute myeloid leukemia with a 60 percent survival rate, and the cancer had already invaded my blood and bone marrow.

We drove more than three hours from our home in Turtle Lake, N.D., to meet the doctors at the Roger Maris Cancer Center at Sanford Fargo. Afterwards, I remember sitting in the bathroom of my hotel room and crying and crying. I was so overwhelmed and scared I wouldn’t get better.

Luckily, my type of cancer responded well to chemo. But the side effects from the treatment still lasted a whole month and made me so sick I didn’t want to eat. I ended up spending 125 days as an in-patient in Fargo, away from home, all my pets and friends.

When I finished the last treatment in May 2016, one of the Child Life Specialists came all the way to my school in Turtle Lake to talk to my class about what leukemia is. She told all the kids I was better now, and they could treat me like they did before. That really helped.

I still have to go back to Fargo for checkups, but right now everything is looking good. I get to visit all my favorite staff members, and of course, they love seeing me.

Roger Maris was like a home away from home for me and my family. Generous donors helped provide so many amenities — the valet parking that gave my parents one less thing to worry about, an awesome food cart filled with snacks and the Child Life Specialists who helped make everything less scary.

Join Amy’s team today with a gift to help Roger Maris remain a home away from home for so many.


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