10 Fargo caregivers inspire gifts of gratitude

The Sanford Health Foundation team in Fargo recently celebrated 10 Sanford staff members and teams whose compassionate care inspired Guardian Angel gifts from grateful patients and families. With each gift, donors shared a story or memory to express their enduring thanks.

Kimberly Burud

“On more than one occasion, I have told Kim she is one of the best health care providers I have ever had. She leaves no stone unturned, trying to discern the cause and best treatment for whatever ailment she is helping to diminish. She is efficient, compassionate, energetic, and positive. I always feel better when I see her. She spends her own time researching issues I have had and reaches out to my health care providers to brainstorm the best options for me. I truly feel that she is looking out for her patients as a whole, not just the area she is treating. How incredibly fortunate Sanford and her patients are to have such a dynamic, bright, caring integrative caregiver as Kim.”

Dr. Gerald Gross

“My wife was under his and his staff’s care for 16 years. She passed in December 2012. I and my family have never forgotten the caring and compassionate attitude of the doctor and his staff.”

Dr. Anu Gaba

“She took very good care of me!”

Sanford Hospice House Team

“During a challenging time, they played a key part in mom’s and her family’s well-being. I’m grateful to the Sanford Hospice House for providing this care.”

Laurie Frisco

“Honored by a patient from 12 years ago who wanted to thank Laurie!”

Cynthia Vingelen

“She is reassuring, kind, and always listens to me. She addresses both major and minor problems, conveying concern equally. She feels like a true care partner.”

Dr. Michael Shinners

“Dr. Shinners is the best doctor.  He helped me so much with my ear.  And made me feel like an adult by giving me the responsibility and including me.”

Leah Hochstein

“Leah got on the phone, got his meds ordered, drove back on icy roads 45 minutes to help me administer the meds. When dad passed away, she came back and spent several hours with me.”

Ashley McWalter

“Ashley is one of the most dedicated, thorough, compassionate, efficient caregivers I have ever had. When I had COVID, she called twice to check on me. She never rushes, answers messages quickly and is genuinely interested in my overall well-being.”

Jennifer Weleski

“Jen went far beyond what we could have expected in trying to work (us) into the surgeon’s schedule. She did it willingly, cheerfully and persistently. Bravo to her!”

Who is your Guardian Angel?


You can celebrate your own Guardian Angel by visiting sanfordhealthfoundation.org/guardianangel and making a gift of gratitude in honor of a Sanford staff member or team who went about and beyond for you or a loved one. 100% of every dollar stays local to support and inspire exceptional care for others.