Your impact: 3D mammography

April 30, 2020

Your generosity has the power to save lives. Support from our donors helps purchase equipment and technology like 3D mammography. This screening tool helps radiologists detect cancer sooner and diagnose with better accuracy.

Here are three reasons 3D mammography is the most effective technology for diagnosing breast cancer:

  • Better visualization: Helps pinpoint the size, shape and location of abnormalities better than ever before.

  • Earlier detection: Identifies previously undetectable cancer earlier and reduces the need for additional follow-up tests.

  • Better for dense breast tissue: Improves cancer detection in patients with dense breast tissue, which typically makes spotting abnormalities more difficult.

Join the fight against breast cancer this fall. With your support, we can accelerate breakthroughs and save and improve the lives of women across our region.

To make a donation or find other ways to get involved, visit sanfordhealthfoundation.org/edith.