Jane Morrow, director of volunteer services at Sanford Health Bismarck, gives back as a Sanford Health Foundation donor.

Why I give: Jane Morrow

March 25, 2019

Jane Morrow believes Sanford Health Bismarck is a special place.

As the director of volunteer services, she organizes an army of knitters who make hats for every baby born at Sanford Bismarck, schedules piano players for the medical center lobby, and makes sure patients and staff alike can find what they need at the gift and coffee shops.

“My job is to make the hospital a more positive place,” Morrow said. “One of our longtime volunteers always says there are big things happening upstairs in the hospital. That’s very true, so our lobby with the coffee and gift shops needs to be a place for people to regroup and unwind.”

Morrow also supports priorities at the hospital by giving back through the Sanford Health Foundation. She has been a donor for more than 30 years, even before she started her career in 1991 at what was then Medcenter One.

“I’m proud to be part of something that makes this such a great place,” Morrow said. “My family has seen local health care as something we can wrap our hearts around and make a difference in our community.”

Growing up in Bismarck, Morrow remembers visiting the Bismarck Hospital with her father, Reverend Hensel Hendrickson, a local pastor. Morrow would spend time in the coffee shop and dress up with a white nurses cap while her father visited ill parishioners. Many of her babysitters were students at the Bismarck Hospital School of Nursing.

“I have such fond memories of coming to the hospital as a child,” Morrow said. “This place has always been a big part of my life.”

Morrow’s father was also on the board of the medical center and encouraged Morrow and her husband, Kent, to make their first gifts to the Foundation. Over the years, they have given to every major project, including the kidney dialysis renovation, Amber’s Dream and the Above and Beyond campaign for child life.

Morrow also has given to the Employee Crisis Fund for many years, supporting her fellow Sanford employees in times of personal tragedy and medical emergencies.

“My family has always prioritized giving back, even when we weren’t as financially secure as we are today,” Morrow said. “We wanted to show our children and the next generation that it’s important to give back.”This year, Morrow will celebrate 28 years at Sanford. She still makes regular runs to the local craft store and fills her car with skeins of yarn for newborn caps.

The volunteers she organizes cover the work of 19 full-time positions, saving roughly a million dollars in staff salaries each year. They are the heart of Sanford and are here because they want to be, Morrow said.

Morrow is also here because she wants to be. She sees the impact of her professional work and personal giving every day as she walks the halls and talks to patients and colleagues.

“I’m proud to be part of something that makes this such a great place,” Morrow said. “I believe in this organization. This is where we come to work every day, so I want it to be the best it can be.”

She also encourages her fellow employees to give back through the Foundation, especially with the ease of donating through payroll deduction.

“Find your passion and give to those things,” Morrow said. “A little bit at a time makes a big difference.”


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