the Sanford House

The Power of Philanthropy

In 2016, on the cusp of the 10-year anniversary of Denny Sanford’s historic $400 million gift to Sanford Health, we committed to building a permanent home to capture the spirit and history of our greatest benefactor and namesake. Supported by the private philanthropy of donors who were inspired by Mr. Sanford’s generosity, the Sanford House opened in 2018 to house foundation efforts and serve as a symbol of the power of giving.


The Sanford House features dynamic displays and exhibits that illustrate the far-reaching impact of Mr. Sanford’s extraordinary philanthropy. Visitors can learn more about Mr. Sanford’s childhood, his motivations for giving and the impact his gifts have made across the region. The facility also features large gathering spaces for community events, donor gatherings and more. This tribute to Mr. Sanford is a space for the community and a space for what good can do.


Visitors and tour groups are invited to explore the Sanford House, opening hearts and minds to the transformative power of giving. To book a tour, contact us using the form below.

The Sanford House at Night
A kid at the Sanford House
An outdoor event at the Sanford House

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