Vogel Law Firm believes in health care

September 26, 2018

Rob Manly, president of Vogel Law Firm, swells with pride when he describes how his fellow attorneys and staff give back to the community.

“We have a culture here at the firm where it’s simply understood that we expect each of our colleagues to give back to the community in some way or another,” Manly said. “Our attorneys have taken an initiative on their own.”


Heart for health care

For nearly 30 years, attorneys at Vogel Law Firm, which has five offices across the Upper Midwest, have been friends with the Sanford Health Foundation and supported a number of initiatives. Their first gift in 1989 supported Roger Maris Cancer Center and has been followed by donations to the Fargo Sanford Fund and Children’s Miracle Network, to name a few.

“I can’t think of a much more critical industry for the well-being of our families here in the Red River Valley than investing in health care,” Manly said. “We’re committed to making sure that our efforts and resources go to those foundations that can provide the most good in this community.”

The firm’s largest gift — $50,000 to the Building Tomorrow Today campaign — funds an endowment that supports the Sanford Medical Center Fargo Trauma Center.

This special endowment provides perpetual support to care for patients facing life-threatening conditions. The trauma center waiting room is named in honor of the firm, and Manly hopes anxious family and friends will find comfort there.

“We want families to feel a certain level of comfort or ease in what has to be an uneasy situation,” Manly said.


When every second counts

Because of the work they do, the team at Vogel Law Firm knows the value of advanced treatment and intensive care, especially in rural communities.

“Some of us who practice in personal injury matters or wrongful death matters have seen firsthand how our clients have been affected by the ability to get immediate, emergency care,” Manly said.

In addition, many of the staff and attorneys grew up in small towns and watched loved ones, friends and neighbors need emergency care in a moment’s notice.

“We understand having care here — as opposed to being forced to go to the Twin Cities or elsewhere for that level of care — can make a remarkable difference,” Manly added.



The Vogel Law Firm is proud to be affiliated with Sanford Health, Manly said, because both organizations continue to expand and innovate.

“I see a great deal of synergy between our organizations,” he said. “To see the growth in the medical field here, and for us to have a small part in that kind of growth, is exciting.”


Level I Adult Trauma Center

This summer, Sanford Medical Center Fargo cleared the final hurdle to be verified as a Level I Adult Trauma Center awarded by the American College of Surgeons. Level I is the highest level of trauma care and recognizes Sanford Health’s dedication to raising its level of services for injured patients.

This achievement makes Fargo the only city with a Level I Adult Trauma Center between Minneapolis and Seattle, Denver or Omaha, and acknowledges that the trauma center is capable of providing total care for every aspect of injury — from prevention through rehabilitation.

A Level I Trauma Center also provides the highest level of surgical care to trauma patients. It has a full range of specialists and equipment available 24 hours a day and must admit at least 1,200 trauma patients a year. In 2017, Sanford Fargo’s trauma center admitted more than 1,500 patients that met the established criteria. Historically, it has been the region’s busiest emergency center.

“This verification has been years in the making as we aimed to offer the next phase of care for our region,” said Nate White, president and chief operating officer of Sanford Medical Center Fargo. “Patients can stay in their hometown hospitals until they need care that’s not available locally, and when that happens they can come to Fargo versus Minneapolis or Denver. It’s a huge step forward in keeping families close to home.”


Thank you to all of our donors — including Vogel Law Firm — who invested in the expansion of programs and services at the new Sanford Medical Center Fargo by supporting the Building Tomorrow Today campaign. Gifts from this campaign are at work right now at Sanford Health, providing health and healing close to home.