For the past year, 4-year-old Evelyn Ness has been fighting cancer at Sanford Children's Fargo. She and her family count on support from Children's Miracle Network.

Unstoppable Evelyn one year later

April 29, 2019

A year ago, we introduced you to Evelyn Ness, a fun and sassy 4-year-old from Fargo. At the time, Sanford Children’s was like a second home to her. Evelyn was born with Down syndrome, and at just 2 years old, diagnosed with leukemia.

By her infectious smile and fierce attitude, you’d never guess what she has faced in her life so far.

“She keeps fighting through,” says Deanna, Evelyn’s mom. “That’s why she’s our warrior princess.”

Diagnosed in February 2017, Evelyn’s first year fighting cancer was rough. Her parents rushed their little girl to the emergency department eight times. Evelyn endured numerous rounds of chemotherapy, spinal injections, bone marrow draws and overnight stays at the hospital.

Today, however, Evelyn is in remission and thriving. Every donor to Children’s Miracle Network helped make that happen by providing family services, unique programs and education, lifesaving equipment and technology to keep Sanford Children’s on the leading edge. With this support, the hospital is equipped to care for young children like Evelyn.

“Donations give children like Evelyn the chance to reach their dreams,” Deanna said.

Evelyn is not only walking with confidence and stronger balance, but running. She has even felt well enough to try new things, like going to preschool, taking swimming lessons and twirling through dance and gymnastics classes.

“She loves to try everything and only keeps getting stronger,” Deanna said.

The Nesses can’t imagine their life without Evelyn or the generous donors to Children’s Miracle Network.


What’s next?

Children’s Miracle Network supporters helped Evelyn get this far, but her treatments continue until June. That’s when Evelyn and her family will finally celebrate the end of their long, hard journey.

“Now we’re just counting down to the day she gets to ring the bell at the cancer center,” Deanna said.


What can I do?

When you make a gift to Children’s Miracle Network, you help Evelyn and the other kids fighting cancer right now at Sanford Children’s.

You can stand with all of these children by supporting one of these Children’s Miracle Network campaigns:


Sanford Fargo Marathon

  • When: May 15 to 18
  • Where: Fargodome
  • How it works: Add a purpose to your race by fundraising for Children’s Miracle Network at Sanford Children’s. It’s easy! Create your own fundraising page online. We’ll send you our exclusive step-by-step fundraising toolkit. You’ll find helpful tips on how to fundraise successfully, use sample messaging to send to potential donors and learn more about the mission of Children’s Miracle Network.
  • If you’re not racing, you’re still welcome to donate to this event online.


Costco Wholesale Campaign

  • When: May 1 to 31
  • Where: 750 23rd Ave. E., West Fargo
  • How it works: Donate $1 or more at checkout and you’ll get to place a balloon icon on the wall.


Walmart and Sam’s Club Campaign

  • When: June 10 to July 7
  • Where: All Walmart and Sam’s Club locations
  • How it works: Donate $1 or more during your next trip to Walmart or Sam’s Club to help local sick and injured kids.


Be the miracle!