Crystal Erickson and her family.

Survivor: Crystal Erickson

November 23, 2018

For Crystal Erickson, the silver lining in her cancer journey is that she’s now in a position to empower women and raise awareness.

Erickson felt a lump during a self breast exam in May 2016. Soon after, the wife and young mother of three learned she had stage 2 breast cancer.

In the United States, about one woman in eight will develop breast cancer during her lifetime. Remarkably, Erickson says she is happy to be the one who got cancer if it means the seven women standing around her won’t have to face the disease.

“Breast cancer doesn’t have to be a sad story. You can bring awareness, and that makes what I’m going through worth it,” Erickson said last year during treatment. “I’ll be that one. I’ll go through it.”

Today Erickson makes a point to talk about her diagnosis and journey as much as possible. Along with her husband, Andy Erickson, a DJ at Results Radio, she has shared her story through blogs, social media and on the radio.

She talks about the importance of self-exams and mammograms and especially her experience fighting breast cancer while being a mom to her three children: Jackie, Rockley and Esia.

Erickson is determined to use her story to educate and empower women to be proactive about their health. Most of all, she wants to inspire strength in women with cancer.


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