Tiffany Dunn and her daughter, Hadley, with Dr. Jane Killgore, obstetrician and gynecologist at Sanford Bemidji.

Two generations of great care

May 3, 2018

When Tiffany Dunn was born, the first face she saw was that of Dr. Jane Killgore, obstetrician and gynecologist at Sanford Bemidji. Nearly three decades later, Dunn found herself again in a delivery room with Dr. Killgore, this time for the birth of her own daughter, Hadley.

“I came into this world in her hands and so did my daughter,” Dunn said. “It’s just incredible.”

Dr. Killgore also delivered Dunn’s sister, and has been her mom’s and grandma’s physician for years.

“I feel like she’s just been the best doctor,” Dunn said. “She feels like part of the family.”

Dunn had her first child, Grayson, in the Twin Cities. When her family moved back to Bemidji, she knew she’d have a great doctor to care for her.

“Dr. Killgore is so bubbly, and you can tell she truly loves her job,” Dunn said. “Whether you go in for a checkup or you are at the hospital, she always has a smile on her face.”

On the day of Hadley’s birth, Aug. 29, 2017, Dunn’s labor was running into the evening and Dr. Killgore had gone home for the night. Dunn remembers as things started to progress, the nurses paged Dr. Killgore, who rushed to the hospital. She came running into the delivery room with her hair pinned back, wearing a tennis skirt and running shoes.

Dr. Killgore looked like she had run out in the middle of a game of tennis.

“We will never forget that,” Dunn said. “I know she would do that for anyone. She’s always so caring and drops everything to go deliver a baby.”

Seeing Dr. Killgore, rather than a physician she had never met, immediately put Dunn at ease.

“We were so lucky that not only did she see us throughout the whole pregnancy but also through the delivery,” Dunn said. “How many people get to say that?

The entire experience, Dunn said, was better than she could have imagined. Not only did Dr. Killgore provide expert care, but the nurses and the rest of the staff made Dunn’s delivery the best it could be.

“You can tell the staff love their jobs,” Dunn said. “It makes such a difference.”


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