Created by philanthropy, Sanford World Clinic impact grows

January 24, 2018

When Denny Sanford made his transformational gift in 2007, it set the stage for Sanford Health’s global growth through the creation of Sanford World Clinic. This week, just a decade later — and having already served more than a million patients — Sanford Health announced further expansion of its international health care initiative.

Throughout this year, Sanford World Clinic will expand into New Zealand, Ireland, Costa Rica, Vietnam and South Africa with additional growth planned in China and Ghana. This expansion follows last year’s acquisition of a minority stake in ISAR Klinikum, a hospital leader in stem cell therapies, located in Munich, Germany.

The Sanford World Clinic initiative is designed to foster partnerships with health care leaders in the development of sustainable services around the world. Each partnership is unique in terms of scope of service and type of agreement, ranging from primary and pediatric care to research and health system operations — all are mutually beneficial.

“With these partnerships, we are creating unique opportunities for shared learning,” said Kelby Krabbenhoft, president and CEO of Sanford Health. “This is not something we are pursuing for financial gain, but we believe this type of collaboration will help further our mission of health and healing.”

This week’s news includes the following partnerships:

  • New Zealand: Sanford World Clinic and Omni Health Limited will open a general practice clinic in February, within Auckland’s Central Business District.
  • Ireland: Sanford World Clinic and Hermitage Medical Clinic will establish a clinical research office to extend precision oncology services through a clinical research protocol supported by Sanford Research in the United States.
  • Costa Rica: Sanford World Clinic is providing strategic and operational support to the Hospital Metropolitano health system as it experiences dynamic growth across the country.
  • Vietnam: Sanford World Clinic is collaborating with Victoria Healthcare to support enhanced clinical and health care management education programs for Victoria physicians, nurses and administrative staff.
  • South Africa: Sanford World Clinic is supporting the ongoing development of clinical research and educational programs in fetal alcohol spectrum disorders at Stellenbosch University and in partnership with a series of collaborators.
  • Ghana: Sanford World Clinic – Ghana is continuing its partnership with the Ghanaian government to expand upon its current 23 clinics.
  • China: Today, Sanford World Clinic will provide oncology support for the Ciming Health Checkup Group. This collaboration will be a remote physician-to-physician partnership.


What’s next?

As Sanford Health continues to establish itself as a leader in global health care, it will capitalize on two important opportunities this year.

  • In September, Sanford Health will host the Sanford International in Sioux Falls, S.D. Not only will this event bring together the PGA Tour Champions’ most decorated veterans from around the world, it will provide an opportunity to share the Sanford Health story on a broader stage and will serve as a source of funding for its global health mission.
  • In December, Sanford Health will bestow the inaugural Sanford Lorraine Cross Award. The $1 million prize, made possible through philanthropy, will honor someone who is pioneering the next breakthrough, innovation or treatment that will transform global health.


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