Why I give: Paul Hanson

October 24, 2017

At Sanford Health, employees not only dedicate their time and talents to advance health care, they also give generously.

Recently, the Sanford Health Foundation launched Giving Back Moves Care Forward, an employee giving campaign in the Sioux Falls region, that celebrates employee donors and inspires the spirit of giving. Among those featured in the campaign is Paul Hanson, executive vice president of Sanford Sioux Falls.

“Giving back is part of our culture,” says Hanson. “We believe in ourselves, we trust ourselves and we feel so compelled to give back to what’s given so much to us.”

Hanson learned about giving back when he was just a child and his mother suffered a cerebral aneurysm. His small community rallied around his family during this difficult time. Hanson remembers the selfless generosity of those who, themselves, were struggling to make ends meet.

That memory has never left Hanson, and it’s why Sioux Falls’ top leader supports the Sanford Health Foundation.

Watch Hanson share his story and describe the importance of giving back.


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