Roger Maris Family Endowment

May 10, 2019

Legendary baseball player and hometown hero, Roger Maris, lost his battle to lymphoma at age 51. A few years later, his wife, Pat Maris, gave permission to use her late husband’s name for a new comprehensive cancer center in Fargo saying, “The Maris family has a deep interest in ensuring that comprehensive cancer care is available to the tri-state area.”

In 1990, Roger Maris Cancer Center opened its doors for the first time- a historic moment made possible by the support of generous donors who saw a need and generously joined together to bring a bold vision to life.

Over the past three decades, the spirit of philanthropy has shaped a legacy of excellence at Roger Maris Cancer Center, giving hope and healing to our loved ones and neighbors across the region and beyond.

Join the family of Roger Maris in supporting the next phase of cancer care and discovery at Roger Maris Cancer Center.


Your investment will drive progress in these key areas and more:


Investments will help fuel initiatives to advance the treatments and cures of tomorrow and enhance Sanford’s standing as a premier research partner for local universities.

Notably, plans are underway to launch the region’s first bone marrow transplant program at Roger Maris Cancer Center in the next few years. This program will expand clinical research opportunities in Fargo and enhance Sanford’s groundbreaking work in regenerative medicine.


Education and training

A new era of cancer care calls for a world-class workforce. Investments will help take Sanford’s partnership with the University of North Dakota and other schools to new levels, creating exciting opportunities to recruit and train the next generation of leading oncologists, specialists, nurses, technicians and researchers.


Hospice care

Sanford already has designated the physical space for the first inpatient hospice program in North Dakota. Support will help shape this program and give patients and their families dignity, comfort and time together in the final days of life.


Treatment options and patient services

Donations made today will continue to build upon the programs and services patients count on today, while fostering innovation to shape the future of cancer treatment and care.


Join us!
To make a donation, type in the amount of your gift under “Give Now” and click “Donate.” Your generous gift will benefit the Roger Maris Family Endowment to expand cancer programs and services at Roger Maris Cancer Center.