Patients Benefit From Cutting-Edge Vein Technology

May 5, 2017

Donors make a difference every day at Sanford Health.

They help provide the latest in cutting-edge technology to make every patient’s experience better and more efficient. Recently, funds from the Sanford Health Foundation of Northern Minnesota purchased AccuVein for the Sanford Bemidji Heart and Vascular Center.

AccuVein helps medical professionals locate and access a vein, making inserting an IV faster and less painful for the patient. Since adding AccuVein to the toolkit in August 2016, Curtis Crist, heart and vascular labs manager, said his team has seen the average time for an IV access drop from 15 minutes to three to five minutes.

Increased Patient Satisfaction

“We’ve had a very positive response from patients,” Crist said. “It satisfies patients not only because it reduces their discomfort with less poking, but also speeds up the process, therefore reducing the patient’s overall anxiety.”

The unique tool uses infrared light to rapidly locate veins in real time. Using AccuVein, staff has an 85 percent chance of a successful IV on the first attempt.

AccuVein was an especially important purchase for the heart and vascular center because many patients suffer from poor circulation related to their heart or vascular disease. These patients, along with those who have diabetes, obesity or a darker complexion, often have decreased vein visibility.

AccuVein already has made a difference especially for these types of patients.

“Not only has AccuVein increased patient satisfaction, but it has increased our speed and efficiency as a staff,” Crist said. “It’s a win-win for everyone.”

“The Foundation helps our department get these great tools that we simply aren’t able to budget for,” Crist said. “We wouldn’t be able to purchase tools like this without donors.”

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