KAT Marketing employees volunteering at Go Hawaiian for Hospice.

Local businesses ‘Go Hawaiian for Hospice’

July 24, 2018

When Candace Muggerud first heard about an event that featured great luau food and supported local hospice, she was ready to sign up — not just herself but her company, KAT Marketing.

Now going on three years, Muggerud, CEO of KAT Marketing, has helped support Go Hawaiian for Hospice in Bismarck as a business sponsor and media partner.

She’s encouraged her employees to volunteer at the event and watched them return to the office with smiles on their faces and a newfound understanding of the hospice mission.

“I’m so thankful for the opportunity to help get people involved in a way they wouldn’t be otherwise,” Muggerud said. “They’ve become advocates, helping spread the word about the program.”

Muggerud’s mother suffered from terminal brain cancer and unfortunately didn’t have hospice care available to her. Today, Muggerud sees how hospice brings dignity, comfort and compassion to patients and families in similar situations.

“Hospice provides a more comfortable experience for saying goodbye to loved ones,” Muggerud said. “It allows for a celebration of life alongside the grieving process in a home environment where people feel the safest and most comfortable.”

Go Hawaiian for Hospice event raised more than $67,400 for Sanford Hospice in 2017.