Tim Lee of Hillsboro, N.D., survived a stroke thanks to swift action and seamless communication between Sanford Hillsboro and Sanford Fargo. This holiday season, donors can make more stories like Lee's possible.

‘We’re very lucky’: In Hillsboro, patients find best of both worlds

December 2, 2019

As an avid golfer, Tim Lee was spending a summer day on the green when he felt numbness wash over his face. Next, his words started to slur. Lee’s good friend, Dr. Tim Luithle, a family physician at Sanford Hillsboro, knew at once Lee was having a stroke.

“He got me into his pickup and we went up to the hospital,” Lee remembered. “He called ahead of time and everybody was waiting there and didn’t waste any time.”

At the Sanford Hillsboro ER, the medical team quickly put Lee in an ambulance. They knew he urgently needed specialty care at Sanford Fargo, which is home to the region’s only designated comprehensive stroke center.

“I was pretty scared, but it put me at ease to see people in the ER I recognized and feel their genuine concern,” Lee said. “They knew what they had to do and they got me on the road to Fargo.”

Because of the swift action in Hillsboro and expert care in Fargo, Lee recovered without any long-term damage. He now has a cardiac monitoring device implanted in his chest to help prevent another stroke.

‘We’re very lucky,” Lee said. “We talk about it all the time in the Hillsboro community how fortunate we are to have the doctors and the PA and nurse practitioners in town, and be ready for transport to Fargo to the bigger hospital.”

Lee does his part to support local services by volunteering on the committee behind the annual charity golf tournament and raffle benefiting the Sanford Hillsboro Medical Center. The event, a community tradition for more than two decades, raises crucial funds for the medical center.

“Everyone needs to do their part, either financially or by volunteering, to continue to get the services that we are provided,” he says.


The gift of health and healing, close to home

Thanks to donors, Hillsboro has it all. The Sanford clinic and medical center provide the expertise the community knows and trusts, with a connection to world-class specialists across the region.

It’s the best of both worlds, and it wouldn’t be possible without you. This holiday season, please keep friends and neighbors like Tim Lee in your thoughts, and consider a gift.