Tim Nordby with Dr. Rory Farnan, interventional cardiologist.

Heart patient grateful for Bemidji care

February 5, 2019

Tim Nordby was in the right place at the right time — here in Bemidji.

Tim settled in Bemidji a year and a half ago for a new job and the region’s boundless hunting and fishing opportunities. He never expected the great local health care would be one of the highlights of his move.

When Tim needed expert heart care last fall, he was just minutes from the Sanford Bemidji Heart and Vascular Center — home to our region’s best cardiology team. Tim, who rarely got sick, was feeling run down and knew something was wrong. He went to the emergency room.

Tim was so glad he took action, because the sick feeling was caused by three major blockages in his heart. If he hadn’t sought urgent medical care, Tim would likely have suffered a heart attack or stroke, risking permanent damage or worse.

Today, Tim has little dots on his wrist where Dr. Rory Farnan performed three angiograms to clear his blockages. Other than that, he feels like his old self, if not even better. Tim speaks highly of the care he received from Dr. Farnan and all the staff and nurses, as well as the cardiac rehab team.

“It’s a great place,” Tim said. “The staff is top-notch, and the personal care they give is unbelievable.”

Your gift today will help care for loved ones, friends and neighbors, like Tim, who will count on the Sanford Bemidji Heart and Vascular Center in the years to come.