Great American Bike Race: Supporting local kids

April 24, 2018

In anticipation of this unique stationary bike relay, we asked Michael Chaplin, general manager of Luxury Auto Mall, a few questions about what makes GABR special. Not only does his company sponsor the event, but Chaplin rode in the event last year alongside his employees and will be doing so again this Saturday.


Sanford Health Foundation: Why did you want to be involved in GABR?

Michael Chaplin: We believe in giving back as a business. One of our values as a business is “The Value of Being Good Community Citizens.”  We give willingly to and are actively involved in the support of our communities because they provide us our success.


SHF: What does it mean to you to support Sanford Children’s Miracle Network at this and other events?

MC: It means the world to us to be able to help kids. We all have big hearts when it comes to those little faces and the struggles they may be going through. To be able to impact a child’s life for the better is the least we can do.


SHF: Why is this cause so important to you?

MC: I have children, as do many of my co-workers. It’s important for us because we can’t imagine what the kids may be going through or their families. They need to know that there are people out there thinking of them and supporting them.


SHF: What makes GABR a special event?

MC: It’s unique to me to see the employees of our companies rally around a cause. The simple part is riding the bike, but the real special part is to see other companies getting involved in the creative side of costumes and decorations. I like how it’s growing and I’m excited to see our employees getting more involved.


SHF: Can you describe the atmosphere at the event?

It’s fun! It’s fun to see the creativity, and it’s heartwarming to meet the families. It’s impactful when you take a step back and realize how we can band together in support. It’s amazing when you realize what we can accomplish as a community.


SHF: Why should other businesses participate in GABR?

MC: I would encourage other business owners to ask their employees if they’d like to get involved. We were blown away once we asked for volunteers on how much our people wanted to get out in support. Let your people become the driving factor in making it a success. Everyone feels good after getting involved.