Asher Olson, a 2018 GABR star, received funds to help pay for therapy costs and custom orthotics to help him walk.

GABR fund recipients say thank you

June 18, 2018

The work of the Great American Bike Race (GABR) extends far past our one-day annual event. This year’s GABR raised more than $422,000, and each dollar will support children and young adults with cerebral palsy and other related childhood-onset conditions permanently affecting development.

The GABR fund disbursement committee meets four times a year to select fund recipients and carry out the mission of GABR. In these notes from families who recently received funds, you can see how much support from riders and donors means:

Thank you so much for granting us funds to help pay for Asher’s therapy costs and orthotics. The work you guys do to help families like ours is truly amazing.

Thank you,

The Olson family

To all those involved with the GABR disbursement committee, a very heartfelt thank you for making a young man so happy. We are so blessed with organizations who work hard to meet the needs of special needs children and their families. For Levi, riding a bike on his own not only benefits his physical needs but allows him to be a regular kid. We will be forever grateful!

Thanks so much again,

Levi and the Beckler family

We would like to thank you for the approval of funds to purchase a shower/toilet adaptive chair. Because of your generosity, Jeremiah is now able to safely, securely, and with dignity, take showers and go to the bathroom. Jeremiah, I and the rest of our family (and staff!) are so appreciative of this new piece of equipment and all the work put into making GABR a success.

Thank you again,

Jeremiah Boyce, his family and staff

I’m not sure I have the words to sum up the amount of gratitude I feel for all of you! Having a child with special needs can be challenging at times, but when you are supported by such amazing people, it becomes a very big blessing! You chose to donate to this great cause, and some of you, I have not even met. You opened your hearts to GABR and I hope you realize the huge impact your kindness and compassion makes for Tanner and families like ours. Tanner wants to say thank you! And our whole family wants to say thank you! In the lives of others, you truly make a difference!


Jeff, Jen, Tanner, Abigail and Elizabeth

Thank you so much for the money you sent us for Ben’s stander! It was a much-needed piece of equipment that enables him to have some time spent in a standing position.

God bless you!

Darrell and Renee Kilzer

We so appreciate the aid you’ve provided us as well as the good work you do throughout the community. You helped ease the expense of providing our son, Skip, the opportunity to participate in a specialized range assessment for his vision, which has already helped us modify and improve the therapy he receives. Thank you so much!


Kyle, Amanda, Mila, Willa and Skip

Thank you so much for providing funding for our daughter Brittany’s wheelchair ramp. Our old one was falling apart and unsafe. The new ramp will provide a safe way to get her into our house. Thank you so much again. Your generosity has been very helpful.

Thank you,

Howie, Pam and Brittany Matte