With support from donors, 35 Sanford Fargo nurses attended Nurses Day at the North Dakota Legislature on Jan. 23.

Donors send nurses to the capitol

February 26, 2019

Thanks to generous donors who support nursing education through the Sanford Health Foundation, 35 Sanford Fargo nurses attended Nurses Day at the North Dakota Legislature on Jan. 23.

Organized by the North Dakota Center for Nursing, the annual event gives nurses the opportunity to see the legislative process in action, connect with their state lawmakers and gain advocacy skills to influence policy decisions related to their profession.

Nurses met state representatives and senators, listened to legislative committee meetings and watched Senate and House sessions. The group also promoted the good work happening at Sanford.

Funds from the Evelyn Quigley Lectureship Endowment and the Nursing Continuing Education Fund provided bus transportation for the group to travel to Bismarck and participate in the special day. En route, the nurses completed education and training, also provided to them by the Foundation funds.

The experience at the capitol informed and inspired the nurses.

“My representative was very open about their processes, interested in the work we are doing and hopeful to have more nurses influence the changes they are making,” said one Sanford nurse. “I’m thankful I had the opportunity to sit with her on the floor.”

Nurses said they learned about the state government and how they could be a part of the process.

“I’ve had the opportunity to have part of my testimony read at a committee in the past regarding patient violence,” another Sanford nurse said. “It was nice to actually see how those types of things are heard in committee and how they can have an impact on a legislator’s vote.”

Other nurses said they walked away feeling empowered with the hopes of following the state capitol more closely and participating in the legislative process in the future.

“I didn’t realize how much of a voice we actually have, and how much we can actually influence,” a nurse said. “It takes time, but it’s worth it!”


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Evelyn Quigley, a former nursing executive at Sanford Health, knows firsthand the impact of nurses. Because of her passion, Sanford Health can offer nurses the chance to grow in their profession and improve patients’ lives with their expertise. If you would like to support nursing education, call the Sanford Health Foundation Fargo at (701) 234-6246 to learn more.