Foundation supporters traveled to Ghana in 2018 to see Sanford World Clinic's impact. Pictured above from left: Dr. Tony and Jan Tello; Orvin and Sharon Olivier; Anne Mays; Micah Aberson; Dave and Laurie Link, Jeff and Jackie Fiegen; Jim and Sue Clark; Dr. Dan Blue; Jim Slack and Bobbie Tibbetts.

Donors send new ambulance to Ghana

January 24, 2020

Thousands of miles across the globe, the generosity of Jim and Sue Clark is providing lifeline in emergencies.

The couple recently made a gift to Sanford World Clinic to fund a new ambulance in Ghana, Africa. It will bring the total number of operational ambulances in the country from 55 to 56, serving a population of 29 million.

“We hope this will help save lives,” Sue said.

The new ambulance will be in use by December 2019.

Trip of a lifetime

In February 2018, the Clarks traveled to Ghana with a delegation of Sanford leaders and supporters of the Sanford Health Foundation. The group visited three Sanford World Clinics in Cape Coast, Mankessim and Adenta to see Sanford’s impact firsthand.

At each clinic, they found full waiting rooms and were struck by the incredible need for basic services in the country, where the leading causes of death are treatable and preventable diseases like malaria.

But as they toured the modern facilities, meeting patients and caregivers, they were also touched by the warmth and spirit of optimism.

“People were extremely friendly and happy,” Sue said. “By our standards, they have so little. But you’re reminded what really matters — things like health and family.”

As donors, the Clarks saw an opportunity to help empower people — not just provide charity — and give a priceless gift.

Tangible impact

After returning home to Sioux Falls, the Clarks continued thinking about their trip and the people they’d met. When they learned of an opportunity to support World Clinic by funding an ambulance in Ghana, they didn’t hesitate.

“We saw how transportation was a challenge,” Jim said. “An ambulance is a way to make a tangible impact.”

This year alone, Sanford World Clinic expects to see more than 160,000 patients at its primary care clinics in Ghana, which also provide 24/7 maternity and delivery services. The ambulance will allow clinics to transport patients in critical condition to a more highly accredited facility when needed.

Currently, there are two to five such referrals each day. Without an ambulance, patients are driven in taxis and private cars, which aren’t equipped to handle patients in critical condition nor transport them fast enough.

“The World Clinic leadership in Ghana have vision,” Jim said. “We’re proud to support their work.”

In addition to the ambulance, the Clarks’ gift will support a driver for one year and two Lifepak 15 monitors/defibrillators for use in acute cardiac cases.


About World Clinic

Launched in 2007 through a transformational gift from Denny Sanford, World Clinic carries the mission of Sanford Health across the globe.

Today, Sanford has clinics, facilities and partnerships in nine countries: Ghana, China, Costa Rica, Germany, Ireland, New Zealand, South Africa, Vietnam and underserved areas of the United States in Oklahoma, California and Oregon.

In Ghana, World Clinic has been working in partnership with the country’s government, local communities, and Sanford Health Foundation donors since 2012 to build a sustainable health care system that reaches throughout the country.

All locations in Ghana are outpatient facilities that provide consulting, IV hydration, maternity care, wound care, health education, telemedicine, laboratory and pharmacy services.


The future is in your hands

Despite Ghana’s growing prosperity, thousands remain in poverty, with little access to adequate health care.

“People die in Ghana not because they cannot afford to pay for health care, but because they do not have access,” said Dr. Benjamin Taylor, president of Sanford World Clinic.

With your partnership, we can help improve access across the country, raise standards of care and save lives.

Visit sanfordworldclinic.org or contact your local Foundation team to learn more about supporting Sanford World Clinic in Ghana or any other location around the world.