Donors Helped Bring Elias Youngblom Back to Life

May 5, 2017

Elias Youngblom, a student at North Dakota State University, was always on the go.

Elias worked full time at Target. He exercised in the gym nearly every day. He helped teach music to high school students, and he practiced and performed with the NDSU marching band.

Elias’s life was in fast-forward, until one day it almost ended.

A Tragedy Avoided

In March 2015, he was driving along I-94 when a drunk driver going in the wrong direction collided with Elias’s car, head-on. Elias would not have survived if not for the Sanford AirMed critical care team, who responded immediately and flew Elias to the Sanford Emergency Center in Fargo.

“I would say I came in basically dead, or about as close as a person can be,” he said.

Elias arrived with multiple fractures in his face and jaw, a broken left arm, liver damage and significant blood loss. As he later learned, the accident had also left him permanently blind. But in the expert care of his medical team, and armed with a positive attitude, Elias soldiered through a year-long journey to recovery.

Because of donors like you – who are behind every life saved here at Sanford Health – Elias is alive and pursuing his dreams today.

A Second Chance

He’s currently living independently in the Twin Cities, taking online classes with hopes to become a band teacher and work with high school music students. All of which would not be possible without people like you, who supported Sanford Health Fargo and the team who cared for Elias.

“The fact that they can basically bring a person back to life in three weeks is pretty remarkable,” Elias said. “A gift to Sanford seems worth it because who knows? It could be you.”

We hope donors like you are as proud as we are when you hear stories like Elias’s. Donors give patients like him hope and healing, and sometimes even a second chance at life.

Compassionate people like you also help us stay on the cutting edge and deliver the highest standards of care to everyone who will walk through our doors.

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