(Left to right) Nurse Linette Hagel, donor Kayla Backman, Dr. Sherry Stein and Dr. Jessica Sedevie.

Caregivers amazed by Guardian Angel recognition

June 25, 2018

As a nurse for 27 years, Linette Hagel has dedicated her days to caring and watching over others. To be recognized for that work by one of her patients fills her with an overwhelming sense of pride.

Patient Kayla Backman honored Hagel, along with Dr. Jessica Sedevie and Dr. Sherry Stein, as Guardian Angels.

The Sanford Health Foundation’s Guardian Angel program gives patients and their families a meaningful way to thank a Sanford doctor, nurse, staff member or volunteer who made a difference in their hospital experience. Gifts of any size are accepted, and the honoree receives a Guardian Angel pin to wear proudly.

“It was such an incredible honor,” Dr. Sedevie said. “Both Lin and Dr. Stein are fantastic with patients. It was really a privilege to be recognized alongside them.”


Deserving recognition

Backman, a mother of two from Bismarck, felt the impact of her Guardian Angels after experiencing a miscarriage and related complications in 2016. See how she coped with the devastating loss here.

“Most of the time, we get lucky and we’re taking care of happy situations,” said Dr. Sedevie, who works in obstetrics and gynecology. “There are sad and traumatic things that happen, and we try and make that situation the best as possible and provide compassionate care.”

To be recognized after such a difficult case left the three caregivers speechless. Dr. Sedevie and Hagel took care of Backman in the hospital following her loss. Dr. Stein was Backman’s primary care physician throughout the pregnancy and made sure to check in on her patient in the hospital.

“We have such a strong team of doctors and nurses who were there to help care for her,” Hagel said. “For her to go completely out of her way and come back to say thank you was overwhelming. I don’t have the words for how much it means to be recognized by your patients in this way.”

The Guardian Angel recognition was a first for all three caregivers and now serves as a reminder of the incredible impact they can have on patients daily.

“I get to wear my Guardian Angel pin on my badge every day,” said Hagel, who will celebrate 20 years at Sanford this September. “I’ve very proud of that.”


Say thank you

Looking for a meaningful way to thank a Sanford doctor, nurse, volunteer or staff member who went above and beyond to care for you or a loved one? Join patients like Backman in honoring Sanford Bismarck’s amazing doctors, nurses and other staff members with a Guardian Angel gift today.

Your Guardian Angel will receive deserved recognition, and your gift will enhance services for future patients at Sanford Health.