Sanford Women’s Wellness Guide Program, made possible through unrestricted gifts, gives women access to a personal guide they can meet with one-on-one.

A guide to better health

March 26, 2020

At Sanford Fargo, a new initiative funded through philanthropy is empowering women to find the right care at every stage of life.

Launched through a $50,000 grant made possible through donor-contributed unrestricted funds, the Sanford Women’s Wellness Guide Program gives women access to a personal guide they can meet with one-on-one.

Guides may help women choose a primary care provider, schedule and coordinate care and navigate services to address concerns unique to women, including sexual health, postpartum recovery and fertility. It’s all about creating a more personalized, seamless health care experience.

So far, the feedback from participants has been exceptionally positive:

  • “I am so thankful you offer this. It is an embarrassing topic, but many, many women would benefit from this!”
  • “The information has been exceptional. Grateful to learn how to help myself.”


Unrestricted funds meet greatest needs

The wellness guide program is an example of how unrestricted funds allow Sanford to act nimbly and innovatively to meet important and emerging needs.

The Foundation’s board of directors carefully evaluates funding requests and oversees disbursement to ensure philanthropic dollars are used effectively and efficiently. The process works like this:

  1. Any department or initiative at Sanford may submit a grant request that details plans to address a need.
  2. The Foundation’s board of directors reviews and votes whether or not to approve funds.
  3. Recipients must use funds within one year.
  4. Upon completion of the project or program launch, recipients are asked to provide an update on the use and impact of funds.

“The board has a responsibility to donors to ensure that every dollar is used effectively,” said Jessica Ebeling, chair of the Foundation’s board of directors. “We take our role very seriously. Nothing is better than seeing philanthropy meet the needs of patients in meaningful ways — ways that might not otherwise be possible.”


100% stays local

Your gift to the General Unrestricted Fund today will stay local, giving Sanford leaders the flexibility and resources to support things like:

  • Advanced training opportunities for staff.
  • The launch of unique programs that are not in the budget, but still fill an important need.