6 ways donors made a difference in 2018

December 17, 2018

Over the past year, the generosity of donors to the Sanford Health Foundation helped shine hope and compassion into the lives of hundreds of patients and families across the Sioux Falls region.

In 2018, donors like you helped:

1. Purchase an Isolette incubator that helps transport critically ill newborns to the Sanford Boekelheide NICU from anywhere in the region. This state-of-the-art equipment can act as a mobile NICU and gives our tiniest babies the best chance to survive. (Sanford Children’s Miracle Network)

2. Give 60 local pediatric cancer patients and survivors (a record-setting number!) a week of summer fun and friendship at Camp Bring it On! — at no cost to their families. (Sanford Cure Kids Cancer)

3. Fuel more than 300 ongoing clinical trials, giving patients access to leading-edge treatments and accelerating the pace of lifesaving discovery. (Sanford Research)

4. Care for more than 180 patients and their families at Ava’s House by Sanford, our new multigenerational hospice facility in Sioux Falls. (Ava’s House Endowment)

5. Provide more than 2,200 3D mammograms at the Edith Sanford Breast Center to women who lacked adequate insurance. (Edith Sanford Breast Center)

6. Support the Stop the Bleed campaign to equip every school and public gathering place in South Dakota with trauma kits and training to stop life-threatening bleeding in emergencies. (General Unrestricted Fund)


Just think of the families gathered together at Ava’s House, the women able to receive lifesaving mammograms, the kids with cancer who can attend camp every summer, and the many, many others who find healing every day at Sanford Health …. their lives are all touched by donor generosity.

Every dollar raised helps Sanford Health go above and beyond for our local communities and patients in ways that simply would not otherwise be possible.

Take a moment today to make one of your most important gifts of the season. Please support for whatever cause at Sanford is closest to your heart and know that every dollar will make a difference in the new year.